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  • Today


    Tomorrow I die. Today, I’m lucky. Written for Shweta Suresh’s Saturday Six Word Story Prompt ~ luck

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  • Released


    Sorrowful, she is no longer. She rose to smash the blow. Held in the hands of her people; She was released, but did not fall. Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Saturday Mix #SSBD

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  • Club Q

    Club Q

    Somber is my heart in unity and with love standing here with you ~Jenn

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  • wing


    type: bird, bug, building, airplane, bat, fish, seed  material: feathers, membrane, steel, aluminum, skin, fins, plant location: air, sea, land make: natural, artificial movement: flapping, propelling, unchanging, multi-directional purpose: flight, fashion size: massive, medium, miniscule speed: fast, slow, static number: two, more sometimes: edible Inspired by dVerse ~ Poets Pub Quadrille #164: Winging It

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  • stream of consciousness

    stream of consciousness

    October 16, 2020 The boys wake Sean up and the morning starts. Tia runs down the stairs for one of the two highlights of her day – mealtime. The boys fire off their breakfast demands to Sean. As my consciousness comes to life, I hear the cats taking turns in the litter box. I remember, […]

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  • Not a Ladybug

    Not a Ladybug

    I’m not a lady, and I’m not a bug guy. Away home is where they all tell me to fly… Because here in this garden, I don’t belong – Societal rules, long-established in song. Lady or bug, or go home – what a bad joke; My family is all gone, and my home is in […]

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  • Murder mystery

    Murder mystery

    death at the crime scene enchantress concealing truth witnesses silenced Inspired by Fake Flamenco November 2022 Poetry Challenge

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  • Tired of tears

    Tired of tears

    Was it the moon’s fullness pulling the tide from my eyes? Was it a friend’s betrayal in clever disguise? Was it fatigue from fighting this secret battle? Was it facing truths hidden by man in the saddle? Or was it connecting and love underlying? Maybe a mix – not sure, but I’m so sick of […]

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  • The power of a day

    The power of a day

    Sorry you are feeling sad. I hope today cheers you up, dear friend. Love, Jenn Inspired by Benjamin

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  • Where are all the humans?

    Where are all the humans?

    Behind a screen with cameras black. Where are all the humans, Jack? It’s hard to unpack. Circle back. You? ~ Quietly quitting, we’ve got the knack. Changing priorities, Mac. It’s hard to unpack. Circle back. True? ~ Socially awkward, truth out of whack. It’s me, myself, and I, Zack. It’s hard to unpack. Circle back. […]

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  • Into the drink

    Into the drink

    She slips into the cold, wet, dark Endless. Moon shines brightly, bounces, sparkles Majestic. No clothes, no cares, skin and bone Effortless. Inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of November 3, 2022, drink

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  • What’s in the cookie!?!

    What’s in the cookie!?!

    Allison started laughing hysterically when she found out that Tanya had eaten the WHOLE cookie. “What? What!? …What’s in the COOKIE!?!” Tanya had a panicked and pleading look in her eyes. Dying from laughter, Allison couldn’t breathe let alone indicate to Tanya that the cookie she had just devoured was a pot cookie. Tanya wasn’t […]

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  • Curiosity killed these cats

    Curiosity killed these cats

    Laura and Ann had found the top floor apartment after begging the university administration to help them out. It wasn’t their fault that their first landlord had made promises he couldn’t keep. Neither of them could believe their apartment had been condemned before they’d even laid down a suitcase. This new place, a property owned […]

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  • The dentist

    The dentist

    I was a show-stopper in high school. Captain of the basketball team. Straight-A student. Yep. Those are prescriptive goggles, tightly secured with a band, sure to fog up at every free-throw. What you can’t see from this grainy photo, curtesy of the local news, is that I am wearing a knee brace because I grew […]

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  • I have a sordid secret…

    I have a sordid secret…

    I have a sordid secret, dear reader – dirty, filthy, stained And confessing this to you, dear reader, causes me great pain… It could be that I bite my nails, and pick my nose, and lie. It could be that I’ve robbed a man and made a good friend cry. It could be that I […]

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