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What’s in the cookie!?!

Allison started laughing hysterically when she found out that Tanya had eaten the WHOLE cookie.

“What? What!? …What’s in the COOKIE!?!” Tanya had a panicked and pleading look in her eyes.

Dying from laughter, Allison couldn’t breathe let alone indicate to Tanya that the cookie she had just devoured was a pot cookie.

Tanya wasn’t much of a drinker and she certainly didn’t partake in drug-related activities very often – if ever. But here she was at a high school reunion potluck, excited to see a gluten-free desert option (with chocolate chips no less!), and she had gobbled up the whole damn thing! As she glanced around the room she noticed the other alumni nibbling little pieces of their cookies and re-read the handcrafted label:

Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies 
**Special ingredient added**

Returning her fearful gaze back to her best friend, who now had tears streaming down her face from the laughter, Tanya knew she was in for an experience she hadn’t signed up for and there was nothing she could do about it.

Inspired by Fandango’s Story Starter #70

Have an idea about what happens next? Feel free to add to the story in the comments below!

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