Rocky cliff's edge with blue ocean and sand below

Only 7 jars

He wants to fly to each continent when he grows up. And as soon as he gets there, he wants to get off the plane, go to the shore, and collect a jar of rocks.

I chuckle at his naïvety in thinking that he will step off a plane and instantly be on the shore. I think about how lofty his plan is and smile imagining the logistics it would take for that amount of travel.

In this moment, thinking about things from my used and rigid adult mind, I respond, “That’s a lot of rocks.”

He snaps me back to the land of what could be when he responds, “It’s only 7 jars.”

I have obviously lost my beginner’s mind.

I smile again, this time with gratitude. Only 7 jars – seems completely doable.

I’m grateful for the reminder that when I think something is impossible, I need to dispel that thought, shake off the dust and superiority that has collected in my mind, and open it.

Inspired by Jack

Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) | December 30, 2022 | dispel

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