Stumbling upon joy

On a quest to find my why, I found joy…

I find writing cathartic, always have, and last September I decided to be more intentional about writing. I wanted something to hold me accountable, something more than scribblings in my worn journal, but something for me, just for me, so I started a blog. I didn’t know what I would write about, and didn’t know if I would gain followers or get likes, and I didn’t care. I just wanted to finally do it, and potentially find out more about myself along the way.

I love it. I feel like it’s the creative outlet I’ve been craving for years. I think about it throughout the day, I look back at my writing and feel proud, and it also connects me with readers and other writers who I admire and who inspire more creativity. I continue to be challenged and learn in a way that doesn’t feel painful or forced. It’s voluntary!

I think, too, part of the joy is actually following through on something I’ve resisted. I think I resisted it or fumbled with following through because I convinced myself it would be a hardship. It would take time and effort to show up and write regularly, and where would I find the time?

But somehow, by taking that step forward, writing has given me meaning and purpose and that’s what brings me back to the keypad each time.

Writing gives me pleasure and happiness every time; it connects me with my why. Simply, it brings me joy.

Written for Bloganuary prompt 5: What is something that brings you joy in life?

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