One billion dollars – I’ll pass.

I received a $25 gift card to Indigo for Christmas and I found it completely overwhelming trying to decide what to spend it on. When I went to the store there were different things that caught my attention (aside from books) but I couldn’t decied…should I buy something that is a little bit more than the $25 and then I only have to pay the remainder? Or do I find a bunch of little things that I like and then not completely use up the $25 gift card? I wandered around the store for hours.

A gift card for $50 wouldn’t have solved the problem, either. You know, the more you have, the more things you want to do with it and I think that goes for having a billion dollars. Likely, I’d be wrought with anxiety and frozen in endless indecision about what to spend it on.

The other trouble is, saying what you would do with the money is nice, but no one really knows how they would actually act with that amount of money. I’d like to think I would spend it on humanitarian endeavors, but maybe I’d cash it out, make it rain, and escape to the Maldives to live out my days. Money changes people, and I wouldn’t want a billion dollars. I think that’s too much money for one person to have.

Written for Bloganuary prompt 13: If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it?

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