Helping Inspirer

Insights Discovery is a four colour model highlighting personality preferences. Out of the four colours (Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, and Earth Green), my profile indicates that I lead with Sunshine Yellow energy🟨 and that I also have a high preference for Earth Green energy🟩. These two colours are both above the midline for me, meaning they are both easy for me to tap into. You can learn more about Insights Discovery here.

So what does that mean in relation to my personality? According to Insights, Sunshine Yellow energy means my personality is naturally sociable, dynamic, demonstrative, enthusiastic, and persuasive and my Earth Green energy is naturally caring, encouraging, sharing, patient, and relaxed. But that’s on a good day! On a bad day, Sunshine Yellow energy is excitable, frantic, indiscrete, flamboyant and hasty. My Earth Green energy can be docile, bland, reliant, and stubborn – oh yes, this last one rings true!

Helping Inspirer: The Insights Discovery 72 Type Wheel

When tapping into my Sunshine Yellow, I lean towards extroversion and prefer feeling rather than thinking. This also means I can get bored with details, routine, and working alone. When tapping into my Earth Green, I similarly prefer feeling over thinking, but I lean towards introversion. It also makes me prone to people taking advantage of my good nature, and I don’t do well when pushed to make quick decisions or when faced with last-minute surprises.

There you have it; according to my Insights Discovery personal profile, the Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green mix describe my personality as being a “Helping Inspirer.”

Written for Bloganuary prompt 19: What colour describes your personality and why?

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