I’m tired.

I am in a season of my life that is exhausting. It’s a constant state of learning and growth, and I want to curl into a ball, avoid it all, and go to sleep. I mean, as a kid, there was continuous learning, and as a teenager, and in my twenties and thirties… okay, so I guess I’ve been in this constant state of learning for my whole life. I’ve always loved it, and I’m a big supporter of cultivating a growth mindset.

But today’s prompt: ‘What is something you learned recently?’ made me feel overwhelmed. Why was this more difficult to answer than yesterday’s prompt about cake? Or more difficult than that silly colour of my personality question?

It – learning – has been a lot lately, and at a different level that seems to bleed into every inch of my life. I think, at this moment in time, on this wintery Sunday morning, I’ve learned that I’m tired of learning. That sounds gross to write… to clarify:

I want to acknowledge the constant work of learning. I’m not tired of learning, I’m tired from learning. And I’m exhausted by the idea that it will never end.

That said, I’ve also learned that when I’m feeling particularly pessimistic and crusty, a cup of coffee, a shower, and a walk in nature usually have the power to change my mood and energize. So, rather than curl into a ball, that’s what I’ll do…

Written for Bloganuary prompt 29: What is something you learned recently?

4 responses to “I’m tired.”

  1. I”ve recently learned that activity is more energizing than the curl up in a ball strategy. Although energies are definitely at a low ebb this time of year and I feel like hibernating

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  2. Oof I can relate to this. I equate it to when I’m traveling and I get “tired of looking at new things”. I want to say hopefully we won’t get stuck curling into balls, but as someone who is currently balled up on her couch, it’s not looking too hot πŸ˜‰

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