Why did they pick you?

You were nominated.

This isn’t a presentation. It’s not an interview. We just want to get to know you… (from scratch until now, in one hour or less. Don’t worry about our stories of profound transformation).

Just tell us about your becoming.

And also, tell us, why did they pick you? We’re just curious about their process.

We aren’t here to judge you. We just want to make sure our understandings are in alignment.

Well, I’ll be the judge of that. I’m a tenacious judge of myself… I have yet to rule in my favor.

In my becoming, I have mastered nothing except for the compare and contrast inner dialogue. I compare what you say with what the judge says, and the contrast is a gaping black hole.

The judge tells me I’m an imposter. I’m an imposter, and they know it. We all know it.

Sometimes, I get lost in the darkness, trying to bridge the gap. Other times, I’m too exhausted to try.

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