What feels like a gift?

Waking up on a Saturday morning without any plans

A kiss on the lips that lingers longer than expected


Realizing there’s an extra day available to get something done

Gifting something to someone for no reason

Truly seeing someone

Being heard by someone

A tiny hand slipping into mine and realizing those slips won’t last much longer

Believing someone when they share that where I see a weakness in myself, they see strength

A good night’s sleep

Witnessing a shooting star

When my person listens and then shares and lightens the burden of my mental load

Seeing the sun set on the water

Skinny dipping

Howling naked at the moon with a friend

Bare feet in cold grass in the heat of summer

An unexpectedly long, strong hug

Laughing until I cry with someone I love

Writing to write

A walk in nature

Hearing a cardinal somewhere out of sight in the tree tops

Kissing my kids when they’re asleep

A glass of wine with a good meal in good company

Singing to a song that speaks to my soul at the top of my lungs


Being cozy on a cold day


When a cat chooses me to lie on

Every time my family returns home

What feels like a gift to you?

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