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  • We were mermaids

    We were mermaids

    The girls had to swim out from the island to another smaller island to save a boat. We expertly grabbed the floating rope and somehow maneuvered it, coaxing the boat to miss the shoals beneath. We secured it and swam back to the main island. We were praised for our good job and then awarded…

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  • Forgetting


    I need help. I am somewhere I shouldn’t be. I need to be somewhere else. Time is ticking. How can I get there? There are endless things to gather, people to ask, and finding the way. So much effort. Exhaustion. Almost there. Just up the hill. I’m going to make it. Not on time, but…

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  • Dreams of murder

    Dreams of murder

    We are on the docks and they’re coming. They’re climbing up from the water, they’re running towards us on the dock, they have knives, they look angry, but I’m standing confident in place. I know I’m bigger and stronger than each of them individually. I grab one by the legs and whip his body against…

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  • Maybe they’ll eat the bunny.

    Maybe they’ll eat the bunny.

    A cold winter night, sky partially lit by the moon casting its shadows. An eerie feeling as a flock of 50 seagulls flies overhead, their silhouettes scattered across the dark blue-black of the sky. Flickering shadows of wolves and coyotes catch my attention as they move in the dark spaces between the trees. A bunny.…

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