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  • We were mermaids

    We were mermaids

    The girls had to swim out from the island to another smaller island to save a boat. We expertly grabbed the floating rope and somehow maneuvered it, coaxing the boat to miss the shoals beneath. We secured it and swam back to the main island. We were praised for our good job and then awarded…

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  • Forgetting


    I need help. I am somewhere I shouldn’t be. I need to be somewhere else. Time is ticking. How can I get there? There are endless things to gather, people to ask, and finding the way. So much effort. Exhaustion. Almost there. Just up the hill. I’m going to make it. Not on time, but…

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  • Irregular


    There’s nothing exciting about regular, usual, and normal. But add -ir, -un, or -ab, and suddenly a heartrate becomes concerning, a mole needs to be watched, and a relationship is questionable. There’s nothing regular, usual, or normal about these prefixes; each means ‘not,’ but none are the same. irregular, irusual, irnormal unregular, unusual, unnormal abregular,…

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  • Bear


    It’s back. But this time is different. I’m still acutely aware of the power of this great wild giant, but it isn’t after me. We find a place on the floor, and it rubs its body along the length of mine. I’m careful to avoid its massive claws, but know that any injury would be…

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  • Dreams of murder

    Dreams of murder

    We are on the docks and they’re coming. They’re climbing up from the water, they’re running towards us on the dock, they have knives, they look angry, but I’m standing confident in place. I know I’m bigger and stronger than each of them individually. I grab one by the legs and whip his body against…

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  • Long ago

    Long ago

    It built and built, for years and years, The coveted thing, held back by fears Of ruining friendship, of being exposed Of giving in and then everyone knows. But one lonely summer, where beginning had sparked A forbidden act, under stars in the dark Reckless and steamy, selfish and wrong, We gave in to the…

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  • What feels like a gift?

    What feels like a gift?

    Waking up on a Saturday morning without any plans A kiss on the lips that lingers longer than expected Savasana Realizing there’s an extra day available to get something done Gifting something to someone for no reason Truly seeing someone Being heard by someone A tiny hand slipping into mine and realizing those slips won’t…

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  • We believe you

    We believe you

    Words presented as truth: bare, exposed, and vulnerable. Then, words accepted as versions of truth: twisted, reframed, and covered. And still, when they are both read, the bugs are wiped from the windshield, and what remains on the glass are more bare truths than gutting versions. And then, with the sun shining through, the bare…

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  • Love


    At night, he lets me go first in the bathroom to brush my teeth. While I’m in there, he lies on my side of the bed, reading and waiting, warming it so I’m not cold when I get in. He does the cold and stinky jobs and thanks me for doing the warm ones. He…

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  • Why did they pick you?

    Why did they pick you?

    You were nominated. This isn’t a presentation. It’s not an interview. We just want to get to know you… (from scratch until now, in one hour or less. Don’t worry about our stories of profound transformation). Just tell us about your becoming. And also, tell us, why did they pick you? We’re just curious about…

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  • Another morning

    Another morning

    The flashing light signaled 6am on his alarm clock. His son, Ethan, was already awake and reading a book about parrots from Guatemala (or some far away place on the globe). Ethan wasn’t like most kids. On a scale of uniqueness, Ethan was a snowflake – definitely one of a kind. “Good morning,” he whispered…

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  • on the rocks

    on the rocks

    consumed on the rocks when sun sets on Georgian Bayutopia is Written for Bloganuary prompt 31: Where is the best place to watch a sunset near you?

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  • I’m tired.

    I’m tired.

    I am in a season of my life that is exhausting. It’s a constant state of learning and growth, and I want to curl into a ball, avoid it all, and go to sleep. I mean, as a kid, there was continuous learning, and as a teenager, and in my twenties and thirties… okay, so…

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  • I don’t like cake.

    I don’t like cake.

    Perfect Birthday Cake INGREDIENTS CAKE: Topping: Written for Bloganguary prompt 28: Describe your perfect birthday cake.

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  • Procrastination


    why do it now? You can do something you want to do now, and do that later. It’ll be there tomorrow, there’s still time, just leave it. Wait, why not do it now? You can get that out of the way, then you can do what you want to do, free of guilt. Just get…

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  • A lie I tell myself

    A lie I tell myself

    I like to lie and tell myself that I’m a kind person… but if I listen to my self talk, I’m really a verbally abusive asshole. Written for Bloganuary prompt 23: What is a lie you tell yourself?

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  • Oh to be an Entomologist!

    Oh to be an Entomologist!

    This is a picture of me, my best friend, and my best friend’s sister at the Frost Entomological Museum. When I say that I was obsessed with becoming an Entomologist, I mean, obsessed. That clipboard was not provided by the museum; I was serious about being serious. I was in grade five, living in Pennsylvania…

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  • Free


    This song speaks to me in a literal sense, it evokes movement (especially dancing), singing, reflection, and emotion… every time. If I were stranded on an island and could bring only one song, this would be it. Lots of love to Florence and the Machine ~ the human in my head. Sometimes I wonder if…

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  • This old house

    This old house

    When you live in a train station, built in 1875, there’s always a lot to do, but things don’t always jive. What irritates me most, aside from lack of storage, are the beautiful original windows, causing a heat shortage… The wind whistles through, like a train on the tracks, and our money for heat… slips…

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  • Just one?

    Just one?

    How very lucky am I That as hard as I try I cannot narrowly say There’s been one happiest day Written for Bloganuary prompt 17: What is the happiest day of your life?

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  • Smells like family having my back

    Smells like family having my back

    Woodchips. Whenever I smell woodchips I’m brought back to summers working at a mansion on a lake up north. I lived there and did odd jobs that a groundskeeper might do. One of those was building a woodchip path along the water from the boathouse to the three-story(!) treehouse. I was given a pitchfork and…

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  • What fear have you conquered?

    What fear have you conquered?

    In the airplane bathroom, sweating profusely, heart racing, he wondered how he’d ended up on this flight. He was trying to slow down his heart rate – but then, the lights went out. It must have been the lightning from the storm that had messed with the electrical, he thought. In the grim darkness, he…

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  • On a wish

    On a wish

    preferred travel mode — through dark skies, “A shooting star!” and your wish takes flight Written for Bloganuary prompt 14: What is your preferred mode of travel?

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  • One billion dollars – I’ll pass.

    One billion dollars – I’ll pass.

    I received a $25 gift card to Indigo for Christmas and I found it completely overwhelming trying to decide what to spend it on. When I went to the store there were different things that caught my attention (aside from books) but I couldn’t decied…should I buy something that is a little bit more than…

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  • Malingerer


    Growing up, I never wanted to eat meat. I would refuse to eat it, attempt to trade with my sisters for their broccoli, and was left alone sitting at the dinner table many a night, until I ate the meat that had turned cold on my plate. My parents would remind me that there were…

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  • In six words

    In six words

    Success: when you understand your gifts. Written for Bloganuary prompt 11: How do you define success?

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  • Big Magic

    Big Magic

    On one dinner date with my dad, I proudly announced that I was writing a book, and he excitedly asked, “Oh yeah? What about?” When I replied that it was going to be about myself and stories in my life, I could see his enthusiasm evaporate. I was deflated looking at his deflation. It was…

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  • A gift from a student

    A gift from a student

    The most memorable gift I’ve received, With best intentions is what I believed… I opened the bag, Thought, It must be a gag! Acne soap from a student? Indeed! Written for Bloganuary prompt 9: What is the most memorable gift you’ve received?

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  • Born on the Atlantic

    Born on the Atlantic

    I went down an ancestral rabbit hole today. The more I dug, the more roots I came up against. I believe it’s important to know where I come from, but unfortunately, it has never been something I’ve paid much attention to. I find dates difficult to remember and I find names of people I’ve never…

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  • The Show

    The Show

    New to the school, fish had only heard rumours, A show so surreal, its legend had moved her. Sun’s rays disappeared, and they gathered below, Gazing up from the bottom, awaiting the show. First one, then another. “Raindrops,” she was told. Surface collisions, a great sight to behold! But lurking in dark waters just out…

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