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Black silhouettes in the forefront with a sunset that has lit the sky in clouds of pink and purple

I have a sordid secret…

I have a sordid secret, dear reader – dirty, filthy, stained

And confessing this to you, dear reader, causes me great pain

It could be that I bite my nails, and pick my nose, and lie.

It could be that I’ve robbed a man and made a good friend cry.

It could be that I drink, do drugs, and practice S&M.

Or that I’ve told no one about, the mass on my brain stem.

Maybe I was involved with, a Costa Rican coke dealer.

Or perhaps I’ve been exorcised, by a dubious faith healer.

But maybes and pains aside, dear reader, this I’ll share with you:

I’ll never, in a million years, dear reader, divulge which one is true.

Inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 20 October 2022, sordid

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